आसान तारिका CHEST FAT/GYNO कम करने का I how to reduce chest fat for men I My Gynecomastia cure story

आसान तारिका CHEST FAT/GYNO कम करने का I how to reduce chest fat for men I My Gynecomastia cure story

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In this video I am sharing my experience with gynecomastia how I suffered due to puffy nipples & fatty chest. I explained how to know if you have gynecomastia. I developed gynecomastia when I was 16 years of age and it was very painful. My father took me to a homeopathy doctor & he prescribed some medication. After taking those medicines my hard lumps under the nipples were cleared. But after that the real problem started my nipples became puffy, my chest started to store more fats & it became cone shaped and hanging chest. Though I was thankful to the doctor that he cured my gynecomastia without surgery, but always one thing worried me the most, that is how to lose lower chest fat. If you are the person who is currently suffering from gyno or chest fat & thinking how to get rid of gyno naturally then please consult the doctor first to get rid of any gland if you have. If you are searching how to reduce chest fat for men and reduce lower chest fat at home then this video is for you. I explained which gynecomastia workout you need to follow and which diet is better.

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