Ep. 3- An Honest Conversation About Steroids

0:00 Intro
10:35 Creatine Cyclng?
17:03 Introduction of guests (Mike Israetel)
22:19 Why did you begin taking steroids?
28:03 Reasons why someone starts using PEDs (athletes vs recreational lifters)?
34:43 What are the ACTUAL health risks of steroids?
43:07 What is an actual PEDs (and give a few examples)?
46:48 Will everyone need to be on TRT after using steroids?
50:04 Societal attitudes about steroids in various countries?
53:23 The myth that you need to be a full time bodybuilder
55:33 How has steroid culture changed in the last 25 years?
59:15 Discussing drug free bodybuilding
1:02:27 Coaching with enhanced vs natural athletes
1:06:26 Why would someone choose to remain natural?
1:12:48 What are the most common misconceptions about steroids?
1:20:13 Russian vs American attitudes about steroids?



Mike Israetel: