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Getting Below 10% Bodyfat or achieving Paper Thin Skin might not be the healthiest of things in long term but if you are preparing for a shoot and your main aim is to become ripped and shredded to low bodyfat levels then this might be the best video for you. If you are confused on how to get low bodyfat ercentage you have to make sure youa re already dieting good and working out intensely and atleast achieved 11-12% bodyfat where you can atleast see your 4 upper abs. Now is the time to take your training to next level. To get ripped fast and get under 10% bodyfat you have to make few tweaks in your diet, your training and your cardio. Fat loss in the last few days can be extremely tough since results slow down extremely at lower bodyfat percentages. In this case you have to be patient and commited. You have to start decreasing your calories and incrasing the ativity which will help you to burn fat fast and reduce bodyfat fast.

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