MENT / Trestolone – Mystery Monster Steroid – Doctor's Analysis

MENT or Trestolone is a 19-nor nandrolone-derived steroid, 7α-methyl-19-nortestosterone. It was investigated as a potential male contraceptive and replacement for TRT but abandoned, likely due to estrogenic side effects. There is a lot that remains mysterious about this drug: it seems to cause hair loss despite not generating DHT metabolites, and there are paradoxical dramatic estrogenic side effects clinically despite low estrogenic activity on paper. The gray-market legal status, the limited data from studies, and the wildly varying dosages raise more questions. In some cases men are using doses over 50 times what was tested in clinical trials – it’s no surprise we see major side effects! In this video I take a look at what we know about MENT as well as what’s still unclear.

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– Investigated as a male contraceptive and “TRT”
01:42 – Mystery legal status
– 19-nor nandrolone-derived steroid, methyl group at C7a makes it extremely androgenic & anabolic
03:00 – 2300 / 650 anabolic / androgenic rating
– Paradox: weakly estrogenic on paper, but major estrogenic side effects clinically
05:55 – Progesterone effects: consider Deca vs. Tren
06:53 – DHT blockers will have no effect
09:06 – Likely has androgenic effects in CNS, worsens pre-existing mood issues
09:49 – Seems to increase hair loss despite no DHT
– Limited studies, never marketed, wildly varying doses in the underground: over 50x those in trials

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