PCT – Blasting and Cruising | Seth Feroce

PCT – Blasting and Cruising

My way. I have come to the point where people that want to learn….here you go. Everyone else Go Fuck Yourselves! Lol

There are so many studies and different situations that occur with what we do. We are extremists and with that comes consequences and negative sides. However, we all do our best to minimize these from occurring. And those of us that get blood work done see how our bodies bounce back, stay stagnant and or operate properly at specific dosages.

This video covers what I have seen to be the most effective for me. And most others I have worked with. By no means am I doctor and the best way to do things is to go see a doctor. But some of us also don’t want to hear the bullshit.

So, here you are, MY TAKE on PCT, Blasting and Cruising and everything that comes with it.

Enjoy! ??