Proving With BLOOD WORK That Testosterone ALSO Causes Hair Loss – NOT JUST DHT!

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I see A LOT of misinformation on the internet in regards to male pattern baldness/androgenic alopecia. Especially when it comes to why it occurs on a hormonal level, and the mechanism of action behind what is actually happening to your hair follicles.

There has been a lie going around for years that DHT is the only hormone naturally produced in the body that can cause androgenic alopecia, and I decided to take it into my own hands and do an experiment on myself to prove that ALL androgens can miniaturize hair follicles, not just DHT.

Study assessing Testosterone’s androgenicity irrespective of 5-alpha reduction to DHT: “These results demonstrate that if the prostatic testosterone content is elevated to sufficient levels, androgenic effects are induced without a requirement for an elevation in prostatic DHT content. Thus, the conversion of testosterone to DHT appears to function as a means of amplifying androgenic stimulation in the prostate.” –

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