Responsible Steroid Use: Why? When? and How To? with Gil T

In this interview with Gil T we talk about Responsible Steroid Use.
Why would somebody consider starting anabolic steroids?
What is the best age to start steroids? Or does it depend on training experience?
What are the pros and cons of taking steroids?
Are there any ethical and psychological considerations?
Could there be a responsible way of using performance enhancing drugs? Is there a healthy way?
What can one expect beyond the natural limits?
What would be an example of a beginner steroid cycle?
Please explain cutting vs bulking steroids.
How to eat on a steroid cycle? Does one have to take in a much bigger calorie surplus?
How to train on steroid cycle? Lower frequency, higher volume?
What is healthier: cruising on TRT in between cycles or coming off completely with a PCT?

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