The Keto Answers Podcast 045: Why Calorie Counting is Bogus & What to Do Instead – Jonathan Bailor

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Have you ever felt like no matter what you did, including dieting and exercising, your weight still seems to stay the same?

Is it possible that your body is locked into a set point that’s no longer reversible, due to age, lifestyle, hormones, or some other factor?

And is it true that you can lower your set point by exercising more and eating less and following a calories in vs calories out mentality?

In this podcast episode with guest Jonathan Bailor, a New York Times Bestselling Author of The Calorie Myth and other notable books such as The Smarter Science of Slim and The Set Point Diet, you’ll learn why calorie counting should not be your focus if improving your health and losing weight are your goals.

We’ll explore why that is and what you should put your attention on instead.

Jonathan — who also happens to have over 50k followers on his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel combined — also shares his exact formula for eating healthy without counting calories and how to find the serving size that’s right for your body.

You’ll also learn what his top choices are in each category of food.

And that’s not everything.

In this episode, you’ll also find the answers to these questions and topics:

Why it’s ridiculous to count calories
What is the calorie myth?
Should you focus on calories to improve your health and reduce weight?
My viewpoint on counting calories
Why calories aren’t the only thing that matters
What Harvard Medical research has proven from over 1,300 research papers
Jonathan’s #1 rule to focus on
The effect of food on your hormones
We also discuss Jonathan’s latest book, The Set Point Diet
What science has shown when it comes to improving your weight
Is your body really fighting to keep you at a certain weight?
Why starving yourself and overexercising is a losing battle and what to do instead
What happens to your body’s set point when it comes to obesity, hypertension, and high blood sugar
The exact steps to take if you want to lower your set point (hint: it’s not to eat less and exercise more)
Jonathan’s general rule of thumb when it comes to eating vegetables and remembering which ones to reach for (his mantra blew my mind)
Should some vegetables have priority over others?
Jonathan also shares his top pick for the best non-starchy vegetables
The best sources of nutrient dense proteins
Jonathan’s thoughts on protein powders, especially for vegans
He also shares his viewpoint on whey protein powders
The most optimal whole food fat source and twelve runner up options
Jonathan’s serving size recommendations for vegetables, protein, fat, and fruit