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[Step #1] Test Stack No.17 – Most Effective Testosterone Booster You may be well aware that there’s a strong correlation between higher testosterone levels and having more lean muscle mass and incredible strength. But did you also know that men with high testosterone also have incredible lives, recover from workouts faster, exude more confidence, have lower stress levels and make profitable business decisions – all traits that women find highly desirable in men!? The Big Secret You’ve been Lied to My Friend… What if you really knew how to increase your testosterone level and experience all of the muscle-building, sex-drive-boosting benefits that I previously described? Would you pay for more supplements? More personal training sessions? Lame home-gym equipment that’ll end up in your closet in two months? Obviously not, but the unfortunate fact is that the fitness industry has lied to you and millions of other men out there. Through product scams and bogus supplements, giant companies make untold fortunes while poor guys keep shelling out money, hoping to find that perfect combination to take their muscle gains further. Trust me, I know…because I was one of these guys. When I was younger, I found out that my testosterone level was on par with an 80-year-old man (no wonder I wasn’t getting laid). My physique was lanky and unattractive, I had no confidence and, worst of all, I couldn’t buy a girlfriend (not what you’re thinking), which is why I finally decided to improve my situation. Unfortunately, this resolution cost me dearly as I ended up spending over $1,000 a month ($1072.61) just to get every supplement I needed to properly raise my testosterone level. Sure, it was harder to raise your testosterone naturally back then, but this was like paying a second rent each month! If only I’d known back then what I do today…99.9% of the available testosterone supplements don’t do crap to flood your body with the necessary testosterone that you need to quickly build lean muscle mass and rapidly transform your physique. Greedy supplement companies have lied to us for decades while peddling bottles of junk with labels covered in lightning bolts, explosions and roided-out guys. Save me the lightening bolts and fancy labels and give me something that actually works! Well, what works is here: Test Stack No.17, the industry’s most effective testosterone booster that provides a massive surge in natural testosterone production, leading you to unbelievable muscle gains, soaring confidence, an inhuman strength boost, and an incredible sex drive that will have you satisfying your woman more times in one day than she’s used to in a week. What is Test Stack No. 17 and how does It Succeed where Normal Supplements Fail? Test Stack No.17 is the result of Dr. Field Farrar’s tireless research and trial-and-error methodology. You see Dr. Farrar suffered from embarrassingly low testosterone and decided to do something about it. He experimented with 20 different testosterone-enhancement formulas and, by monitoring serum testosterone levels in his test subjects, he discovered that formula number 17 produced the biggest increases in testosterone production. The athletes who participated in the study experienced impressive results from each formula, however, there was no comparison with how effective the 17th version was, leading some volunteers to triple their natural testosterone levels! As for the name, Test Stack No.17 comes from the 17th formula being the most-effective ‘stack’ of nutraceuticals used in the study. Unfortunately, this stack can only be made in small quantities due of the rare and extremely expensive ingredients used in the formula. Because of this, Farrar has trouble keeping Test Stack No.17 in stock and each batch sells out almost immediately. When you consider the following benefits, it’s easy to see why the Most Effective Testosterone Booster sells out so quickly. You simply cannot put a price on the life-changing effects that you can experience from having drastically higher testosterone than your body normally produces, combined with lower estrogen levels.

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