Why #NattyVerified Will NOT Work (Final Kinobody Response)

The goal of this video is to try and take an objective look at the current state of anti-doping science. If you ARE a steroid user, past or present and live in Europe, you can help with Alex’s research by sending an e-mail to: A.Kolliari-Turner@brighton.ac.uk.

0:00 Introduction
6:08 What is Alex’s research on?
6:57 What are performance enhancing drugs?
8:26 How do we test for steroids?
12:40 What are some current problems with testing?
19:48 How accurate would a CIR test be to test whether or not an individual is natural?
22:45 WADA’s stance on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)
24:53 How does WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) work?
29:14 How big of a concern is contaminated supplements in the industry?
31:25 How would you try to catch someone who is using endogenous steroids?
32:40 Exogenous steroids (oral steroid) discussion
37:00 How has anti-doping detection for oral steroids improved in the last ten years (Olympic weightlifting)?
42:42 How would you test for human growth hormone?
48:14 What are designer steroids and why would they be impossible to detect?
54:54 Why is anti-doping detection so far behind?
57:14 How would we go about trying to verify if someone is natural?
1:04:00 Is there really any way to true verify if someone is natural?
1:08:00 What is some exciting new research for anti-doping on the horizon?
1:13:50 Alex’s research to study anabolic steroids and their affects

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