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When I read this study I was blown away. For those of you who compete NATURALLY, I’m sure you’ve already realized the truths in this video when you stepped on stage for the first time. So what do you guys think? (and this includes sports as well) If someone used drugs to enhance themselves in the past, should that impact their ability to compete with true natural athletes whether on stage on or the field?


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I found a really interesting study today, and when I read it, it just confirmed SO MUCH for me and gave me the ammunition I need to slam a few people that just outright get on my nerves for lying about being a “lifetime natty”.

However let me first say that if you understand the risks of running a cycle of steroids, and there are a lot of them, which you can learn about in this video HERE, and you still decide to do it, nobody has the right to judge you. I certainly won’t. Just don’t lie about it. If someone asks if you’re natty or not just own it and say you aren’t. DONE!

What It Means To Be Natural
But lying IS an issue because guess what? Guys like me that are in the spotlight and give fitness advice on a weekly basis online wear that “Natty4Life” title as a badge of honor, so that when I tell you to do something, or eat a certain way, or try one of my programs, you know based on my results whether my information is valid or not. I’m not saying someone on gear can’t give GREAT advice, because that’s not true at all. But just like when chicks photoshop their butts to be twice the size of what they really are and then try to sell you a glute training program, you get pissed right? Well, it’s the same thing.

Also, as an advocate for staying natural, understand that there are ZERO SIDE EFFECTS to being natural and you keep your gains forever! So unless you plan on juicing for life for your career, the ONLY reason to go on a cycle for the majority of you is to TEMPORARILY gain some muscle, but PERMANENTLY risk your health. But back to the topic at hand, based on this new study, even if you ran ONE CYCLE of steroids in your teens and you’re now in your twenties, you’re still considered NOT NATURAL. Your body has been genetically altered at the DNA level for life and here is why.

Early Muscle Gains
Researchers at Keele University have shown for the first time that human muscles possess a memory of EARLIER GROWTH at the DNA level. And to me this has always been something I’ve known deep down to be true and to be honest I think it is the main reason why my own body is responding so well to my new level of intense training, 5 days a week at 6am. When I was in my teens and 20s I could train 5 – 6 days a week and now that I started to do that again my body remembers and my muscles are reacting accordingly and getting back into their tip top shape! I feel stronger, tighter, and bigger and overall like how my workout intensity has gone back to how it used to be.

What these researchers found out is that “periods” of skeletal muscle growth (so biceps, triceps, chest, glutes, quads, lats, traps, etc) are remembered by the genes in the muscle helping them to grow larger later in life. Think about that for a minute. If you’re going to enter a NATURAL bodybuilding show and you’re up against people that ran steroid cycles in the past, and that could be 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, it doesn’t matter. When they start getting show ready their DNA will remember those periods of skeletal muscle growth and that will help them grow. So, this basically means that steroids could be creating long-lasting changes, making short-term instances where athletes “stop” using them pointless in terms of fairness or competition.


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