An Honest Conversation About Steroids (Ft. Mike Israetel)

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13:32 Creatine Cyclng?
20:00 Introduction of guests (Mike Israetel)
25:16 Why did you begin taking steroids?
31:00 Reasons why someone starts using PEDs (athletes vs recreational lifters)?
37:40 What are the ACTUAL health risks of steroids?
46:04 What is an actual PEDs (and give a few examples)?
49:45 Will everyone need to be on TRT after using steroids?
53:01 Societal attitudes about steroids in various countries?
56:20 The myth that you need to be a full time bodybuilder
58:30 How has steroid culture changed in the last 25 years?
1:02:12 Discussing drug free bodybuilding
1:05:24 Coaching with enhanced vs natural athletes
1:09:23 Why would someone choose to remain natural?
1:15:45 What are the most common misconceptions about steroids?
1:23:10 Russian vs American attitudes about steroids?

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Thanks To Our Guests:

Mike Israetel:

In this episode, Iron Culture attempts to bring an intellectually honest conversation to the emotionally charged topic of steroids. Hosts Eric and Omar are joined by John Meadows (@mountaindog1) and Dr. Mike Israetel (@rpdrmike) John is a well known and respected bodybuilder, who has been open about his steroid use. Dr. Israetel attained his PhD in Sports Physiology and has a very knowledgeable understanding of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). The hosts will explore societal attitudes around steroids, discuss why someone decides to use and contrast lifting as a natural vs being enhanced. The goal with this episode is to give different perspectives on a controversial topic and highlight the large similarities that exist between both parties. If you enjoyed the episode please consider giving us a rating/review on iTunes and let us know what you think below!