Term Definition Boyars Russian Nobles Czar Russian for "Caesar" the title is used by Russian Emperors Absolutism A political system in which a ruler holds total power Louis XIV French King during the 17th century, died in 1715 Cardinal Richelieu… Read More

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Term Definition collide to crash into consequence the outcome, result or effect drastic extreme, sereve elaborate worked out with great careand attention to detail inevitable unavoidable and necessary loath to feel intense hate Campaign a series of operations to accomplish… Read More

Ticket Nach Berlin

Question Answer Beherrschen Control/master Bojen Buoys Die entspannung Relaxation Erfunden Invented/made up Ganz Whole Die geschicklichkeit Skill Der hafen Port/harbor Die herausforderung Challenge Keine Sorgen! No Worries Das kulturangebot Suggestion Der kA¶rper Body Leute People Der mut Courage Die mA?he… Read More

Inside the earth.

Term Definition Crust The thin and solid outermost layer of the earth above the mantel. Oceanic crust Both continental crust and oceanic crust are made mainly of the elements oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. Continental crust Source: https://smfmnewsroom.org/paper/the-industrial-revolution-impact-on-western-society/

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Question Answer clammy damp and sticky squalling crying noise critical Extremely inportent demolished tear down commotion Disturbance or Tumult annoyance irritationt secured place bundle to dress elite privileged group realization the act of realizing