Eric Berg's Tip for Increasing Mortality by 80%

He eats 4 to 5 eggs a day, tells his 3 million subs that you shouldn’t worry about cholesterol, and thinks whole grains cause heart disease. Let’s put his claims up against the research.
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Cholesterol Recommendations:

Egg Consumption and CVD and Mortality:

20-35 g protein broken down a day:

Newer Protein Scale:

Animal vs Plant Protein Study:

Lower Inflammation with plants, higher with eggs:

Inflammation lowers blood protein:

Western diets are high in arachidonic acid, proinflammatory…”

Arachidonic Acid Sources:

High Egg = 70% increased odds of all cancers: 

High Egg =+47% increase of fatal prostate cancer: 

Higher Eggs = 2x risk of prostate cancer progression: 

Cholesterol feeds cancer:

Whole Grains Study 1:

Whole Grains Study 2 – Long Quote:

Coronary Calcium Score Sources:

Environmental Charts:

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