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what age did europe experience from 1400s to 1700s age of exploration
what 2 things did the renaissance encourage? curiosity and desire to trade
what was the result of exploration for european nations? grew powerful and spread their influence throughout the world
what was the europeans motivation, why did they want to explore? the 3 g's god, gold, and glory
european exploration took place for wealth from? gold
what two things stimulated european desire for exotic asian luxury goods crusades and renaissance
why were merchants looking for quick and direct trade routes? to avoid muslims & italian merchants, and to increase profits
in terms of glory what two things did the renaissance inspire a new possibility of? power and prestige
exploration allowed europeans to rise from _____________ and gain what? poverty; fame, fortune, and status
who sponsored voyages of exploration and what did these people gain? kings; overseas colonies, new sources of wealth for their nation, and increased power
who wanted to stop the spread of islam? who did these people want to convert into their religion? who did europeans bring to spread this faith and focus only on conversions? christians, especially catholics; non-christians; missionaries
what were the means of european exploration, what allowed them to sail so far? technological advances
why could europeans not sail very far and return before the renaissance? did not have the technology such as food supply that could last 10 month voyage
the diffusion of trade and culture during the renaissance introduced new what techniquies to europeans navigation
what made sailing more accurate? what used stars to show direction whilst sailing? how were maps made more accurate? magnetic compasses; astrolobe; longitude and latitude (new techniques used in terms of navigation)
s strong ship that could travel in open seas and in shallow water in which was built by european ship builders the caravel
what allowed caravel ships to sail against the wind? what made the caravel more maneuverable? what two weapons gave the ship protection? triangualr lateen; moveable rudder; cannons and riffles
europeans were not hte first to explore the oceans in search of new trade routes so who was? what trade route did they dominate? islamic merchants explored the indian ocean and had dominated the asian spice trade for centries before european exploration ; also zheng he
this personlead chinese treasure fleet on 7 expeditions to SE asia, india, and africa; what dynasty was this during? zheng he; ming dynasty
by 1400s the europeans were able to do what that the muslim or Chinese were unable to do? begin global rather than regional exploration and create colonies to increase wealth & power
who was the early leader in age of exploration? portugal
this Portuguese prince started a school of navigation to train sailors; why did this person fund such a school? prince henery the navigator; greedy for land and wanted his men to be the best at sailing so they could gain as much land as possible quickly…also to find quick trade route to asia and expad portugal's power
prine henry was the 1st explore what coast and why? west africa; bc of his navigation school and willingness to fund voyages
1st explorer to find direct trade route to asia by going around ___________ to get to ____________- vasco de gama; africa; india
through vasco de gama portugal gained a what that lead to great wealth? sea route
during the age of exploration where did portugese create colonies along, in what country and what islands? coast of africa, in brazil, and spice islands in asia
conclusion: who were the two bring protugese explorers? chinese? prince henry the navigatior and vasco de gama; zheng he
what made spanish motivated to explore? saw portugese wealth and didn't want to be left out
of the european monarch who sponsored the most and supported overseas expeditions? ferdinand and isabella of spain
this person believed the earth (rather than many who thought it was flat) and thought he could reach asia by sailing west colombus
where did colombus really reach and where did he believe he was? bahamas off the coast of america; thought he was in some islands off the coast of india
how many trips did columbus make to "india" 4 times (he never knew it was actually america)
who after columbus believed they could still get to asia by sailing west and became the first explorer to circumnavigate the earth (go all the way around) magellan
where did spain create colonies during the age of exploration? north and south america
spanish explorers sent to the new world to find gold, claim land, and spread christianity conquistadors
who conquered the aztec? inca? cortez; pizarro
the influx of what from asia made spain the most powerful country in europe during the age of exploratino gold
conclusion: who were the spanish exploeres? columbus, magellan, cortez, and pizarro
this french explorer searched canada for a NW passage to asia samuel de champlain
after champlain failed to find a passage to asia, what colony did he found? quebec
where would the french soon carve out a large colony? along mississippi river from canada to new orleans
european colonies where paid by who? english colonies were paid by who? kings; citizens who formed joint-stock companies
where did english colonies form? what were these colonizers motivated by? along the atlantic coast of north america; either by religious motivation (felt tehy had to flee religious persection bc of constant battle between the nation being catholic and protestant) or wealth (joint-stock companies)
english explorer who was the first european to make contact with australia, new zealand, and hawaii james cook
who allowed private companies to fund exploration like england who were dutch netherlands
where did the dutch have colonies in america and africa
who dominated trade in aisa dutch East India Company
the age of exploration impacted asian trade bc? the portugese seized trading ports in india and in the spice islands…they fought the muslim merchants who had control of the ports so the prices of asian goods dropped
the age of exploration impacted nationlism bc? when spanish expanded foreign trade overseas, tehy became one of the worlds richest and most powerful nations…however infaltion led to higher prices and monarchs wasted money on riches rather then building up spain's industry
the age of exploration impacted capitalism bc? exploration and trade led to growth of capitalism, merchants gained welath by trading and selling foods and they could then use this profts to finance other voyages and to start trading companies
the age of exploration impacted mercantalism bc? kings reduced imorts and increases items sold in country (mercantalism); they used colonies ti supply raw materials for their industry and could make money off them by selling finished products to them (colonies)
describe the trade triangle mercantalism created manufactured goods made in mother country, raw materials produced in colonies, and slaves from africa brought to colonies to produce raw materials
the age of exploration impacted columbian exchange, becuase? the exploration by columbus to the new world resulted in a new exchange that happened between the new and old world
the age of exploration impacted colonies and plantations bc? spanish forced colonies in brazil to work on plantations…missionairies tried to protect them form abuse but they all died from overwork and disease; when the disease wiped native pop out portugese brought africans for the next 300 yrs to work as slaves
the age of exploration impacted disease bc? when spanish conquistadors came to the new world they brought their diseases which the natives were not immune to cuasing an epidemic, millions died from diseases
the age of exploration impacted slavery bc? when native populations wiped out spanish brought in millions of people to be slaves from africa for 300 yrs…when they came to the new world they were forced to work in harsh conditions on plantations and work in gold/silver mines
journey of african slaves to the americas the middle passage
the age of exploration impacted christianity bc? spanish intriduced christianity to americas by being occupied with catholic missionairies
why were missionairies looking for converts? to win poeple over to help fight against the protestant reformation

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