Term Definition
Element Pure substance made of only one atom
Atom Smallest particle of matter
Melting A state changing from a solid to a liquid
Evaporation A state changing from a liquid to a gas
Sublimation Turning to a solid to a gas (skips the step to liquid)
Freezing Turning from a liquid to a solid
Deposition Turning from a gas to a solid(Skips liquid)
Malleable Can be crushed w/o crumbling
Atomic Number Protons and electrons
Density Amount of mass in a certain volume
Metalloids Metals and NonMetals
Electrons – charge outside of the nucleus
Metals Good conductor of electricity and heat
Luster Shiny
Neutrons The atomic weight
Chemical Symbol An ab. for a chemical name
Ductile Can be drawn in thin wire
Corrosive Rusts
Atomic mass How much a certain amount weighs
Nonmetals Poor conductors
Atoms Protons and Electrons
Element Made out of 1 atom
Protons + charge in the nucleus
Neutrons Found inside the nucleus with no charge
Condensation The state change going from a gas to a liquid

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