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How long was the classical period? 1,000 BCE to 500 CE
Classical Period Classical civilizations set the patterns for later cultures.
What standardized key cultural and religious traditions? Classical Period
What developed states and empires? The Classical period
What increased trade and communication? The Classical Period
Mandate of Heaven The idea that God gave the dynasty the right to rule
Feudalism A system of protection based on land loyalty and a rigid class structure
What was the role of Local Lords in Feudalism? They governed their own land, but owed military service to a ruler.
Where did rulers live in Feudalism? Palaces
What was the role of lesser Lords in Feudalism? They were given land, fought in the military, and oversaw peasant work.
What was the role of peasants in Feudalism? They farmed, and in return they got protection.
Which dynasty developed Feudalism? Zhou
What were the years of the Zhou Dynasty? 1100-221BC
Which Dynasty began to use Iron? The Zhou
What was made with iron? Plows and axes which helped with farming
What did Irrigation projects do? They resulted in more food which increased population growth
What did the Zhou use for money? Copper Coins
What did the Zhou grow in the North? Wheat
What did the Zhou grow in the South? Rice
Which industry increased? Silk Industry
What language did the Zhou start using? Mandarin Chinese
What was the type of religion the Zhou used? Polytheistic
What does the Zhou practice in their religion? Ancestor worship
What did the Zhou religion focus on? Harmony
How long was Confucianism? 551-478BCE
What did Confucianism think of people? They thought people were good.
Confucianism A philosophy to govern society and political structure
Filpiety Respect for elders
5 Relationships People should fulfill roles in society
What was really important in Confucianism? Tradition or ritual
What should leaders be in Confucianism? A good example
What was "The Analects"? A book of Confucianism
Daoism A religious philosophy developed by Laozi
What did Daoism appeal to? Both upper and lower class
Why did Daoism appeal to the upper class? It appealed because of Spirituality
Why did Daoism appeal to the lower or peasant class? It was because of rituals or tradition
What are you supposed to do in Daoism? You're supposed to withdraw from the wrold
What was found with nature in Daoism? Harmony
Medition Idea of balance and nature
What were the years of the Qin Dynasty? 221-202/206 BCE
What was the the Qin Dynasty developed under? It was developed under the philosophy of legalism
Shi Huangdi Conquered or defeated Zhou Dynasty
Lagalism Philosophy founded by Han Fezi
What idea was legalism based on? It was based on the idea that man was evil
According to Legalism what was the motive for most actions? Greed
What was a Ruler's best virtue according to legalism? Strength
According to Legalism what was the only way to achieve order? Through strict laws and harsh punishments
What did the Qin Dynasty establish Authoritarian rule
Authoritarian rule Basically where everyone is to follow the government rule and nothing is yours
Books were burned Burned books of anything he didn't agree with like Confucianism.
What were the only books Shi Huangdi kept? Books of Agriculture
What happened to critics of legalism? They were killed or jailed
Who abolished feudalism? The Qin Dynasty
Who set up 36 military districts? The Qin Dynasty
Who gave land to peasants? The Qin Dynasty
How did he Qin give land to peasants? They took it from the wealthy like Robin Hood
Who began building the Great wall ? The Qin Dynasty
How long was the Great Wall? Over 3,000 miles long
How many feet wide is the Great wall? 16 to 32 Feet Wide
How tall is the Great Wall? 30 Feet tall
Who had a uniform Tax System? The Qin Dynasty
Who had a uniform of System of weights? The Qin Dynasty
Who built Roads and canals? The Qin Dynasty
Who promoted the silk industry? The Qin Dynasty
Who took a Census? The Qin Dynasty
Why did the Qin take a Census? For taxes mostly
Terracotta Soliders Clay statues built for his tomb
What happened after Shi Huangdi died? The Han destroyed the legalism philosophy
What were the years of the Han dynasty? 202 BCE-220CE
Who took over the Qin dynasty? The Han Dynasty
What did the Han base their government off of? Confucism
Civil Service Exam Test to get government job
What were the Civil Service Exams based on? Confucius ideas
Who could take the Civil Service exams? Anyone
Was was the Civil Service Exam based on? Merit
What ddi the Han use? They used a Bruecracy
What is a Bureaucracy? It's a type of government where there are multiple parts like one for taxes, public relations, and economics, etc.
What did the Han Dynasty set up? Granaries
What did the Han store in times of surplus? Grain
What did the Han have economically? A monopoly
What did the Han have a monoploy on? Salt and Iron
What lands did the Han expand? They expanded lands both North and West
What road did the Han create? The Silk Road
What was the Silk Road? 4,000 mile trade route that linked China with the Middle East
What did the Mediterranean trade on the Silk Road? Cucumbers, grapes, and glass
What did India trade on the Silk Road? Cotton Clothing
What did China trade from the Silk Road? Silk
What kind of families were in China? Patriarchal families
Who was the head of the household? The father
What type of families did China live in? Extended Families
Primongeniture Means oldest male inherits all the property
What type of worship was popular? Ancestor worship
What kind of authority controlled the peasants? Village authority
How does the social class ranking go? top group is land owning, peasants is next, lastly is mean people or slaves and performers.
What were some contributions in government tradition in China? The creation of the bureaucracy, Confucian ideas and Civil Service Exam, and lastly they got involved in the economy with granaries and monopolies
What basic religions and philosophies were established? Daoism and Confucianism
What kind of Math did China contribute? Seismograph, acoustics, developed a calendar, and studied the stars
What kind of new technologies did China contribute? Irrigation, ox drawn plows, pullies, paper, and a new collar for draft animals
What kind of medicine China contribute? Accupuncture
What did the Han develop war wise? Warships
What kind of art did the Han use a lot? Ceramics
What kind of house did peasants live in? Pit houses
Why did Peasants live in pit houses? It was underground and therefore warmer

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