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What is history? History is the study of the past and the story of human activity
What is the difference between history and prehistory The prehistoric period is before writing was used andThe historic period is when people used writing
What is a source A source is evidence used by historians to find out what happened in the past
What is a primary source A primary source is evidence that comes directly from the past
What is a secondary source A secondary source is evidence that comes from a later date
How do historians know if they can trust their sources Bias, accuracy, exaggeration, propaganda, time and place, opinions are ways historians find out if they can trust a source of information from the past
How do historians put events in order They can say the event happened before or after the birth of Christ , they also use centuries, millenniums or timetables to put events in order
What are the key words in this chapter Archeology, sources, prehistory, history, primary sources, secondary sources, manuscripts, time and place rule, cross checking, reliability, bias , propaganda, century, millennium, timeline

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