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A person accused of a crime shall have a speedy trial 10th Amendment
Free speech is guaranteed 1st Amendment
No person shall be elected President more than twice 22nd Amendment
Eighteen-year-olds may vote 26th Amendment
Senators are directly elected by the people of a state 17th Amendment
The President and Vice President are elected separately 12th Amendment
Everyone born in the United States is a citizen 14th Amendment
The people have the right to deep and bear arms 2nd Amendment
The Eighteenth Amendment is repealed 21st Amendment
A person cannot be forced to be a witness against himself or herself 5th Amendment
Slavery is abolished 13th Amendment
When there is a vacancy in the office of Vice President, the President shall nominate a new Vice Prisident 25th Amendment
Soldiers may not be housed in private homes 3rd Amendment
Police must obtain a warrant to search a house 4th Amendment
Cruel and unusual punishment is banned 8th Amendment
A citizen of a state cannot bring suit against another state 11th Amendment
The Constitution does not list every single right a citizen has 9th Amendment
Fred has been arrested for embezzling bank funds. After seven years, he is finally brought to trial. 6th Amendment
Congress passes a law placing a special tax on all members of the Baptist Church. 1st Amendment
Sam has been found guilty of stealing hubcaps. The judge sentences Sam to fifty years at hard labor. 8th Amendment
The rock group Hot Fudge Sundae sues a promoter for violating a contract. The suit is for $20,000 in damages. The judge denies Hot Fudge Sundae a jury trial. 7th Amendment
Seven barracks and Fort Bravo were destroyed by fire. General Smithson orders his troops to be housed in private homes in nearby Harrisburg. 3rd Amendment
Five men and six women meet in a public park to discuss plans to protest the high level of taxes. Within minutes the meeting is broken up by a squad of police. 1st Amendment
Congress passes a bill that outlaws the possession of any gun for any purpose by an American citizen. 2nd Amendment
A mass murderer is found guilty. The judge decides that the only fit punishment is death by slow torture. 8th Amendment
The House of Representatives passes a rule that prevents the reading of any petition on the House floor that relates to acid rain. 1st Amendment
Police officer Jones doesn't like men with beards. Every time he sees a bearded man on the street, he stops him and conducts a search. 4th Amendment
The President issues an executive order that requires that the New York Times print one favorable editorial about the President for every unfavorable one. 1st Amendment
The police think that the person they have arrested is guilty of some crime. They decide to hold her until they get enough evidence to prove her guilt. 6th Amendment
Judge Brown decides that since the accused is obviously guilty, he does not need an attorney. 6th Amendment
The state police set up a roadblock on Route 7. They decide to stop and search only those cars that are driven by teenagers. 4th Amendment
Sandra is charged and tried for armed robbery. She is found not guilty. Later, the police find more evidence that shows that Sandra was, in fact, guilty. The police decide to bring Sandra to trial again. 5th Amendment
Harry is arrested for burglary in August. He pays his bail and returns for his trial in December. The jury finds him guilty, so the judge refuses to return his bail money. 8th Amendment
New Hampshire decides to raise the voting age for all elections to 21. 26th Amendment
The police think that someone in Springfield has been stealing government secrets, so they go into every house in town and take all of the personal papers. 4th Amendment
The judge thinks the witnesses called by the defense are liars, so he refuses to let them testify. 6th Amendment
The city takes the Wilsons' 100-acre farm and turns it into a municipal golf course. The Wilsons are paid $50.00 by the city. 5th Amendment
The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State. Article 1, Section 3
No person shall be a Senator who is less than 30 years old. Article 1, Section 3
All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. Article 1, Section ?
Congress has the power to establish post offices. Article 1, Section 8
The President of the United States must have reached the age of 35. Article 2, Section 1
The Executive branch of our government is headed by the President. Article 2, Section 1
The judicial branch of our government consists of the Supreme Court and United States Courts. Article 3, Section 1
Every bill which has passed Congress shall be presented to the President of the United States before it can become a law. Article 1, Section 7
The leader of the Senate is the Vice President of the United States. Article 1, Section 3
The Speaker of the House of Representatives is chosen by the House of Representatives. Article 1, Section 2
The Constitution guarantees to every state a republican form of government. Article 4, Section 4
No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office under the United States. Article 6, Section 3
All federal and state officers must swear to support the Constitution. Article 6, Section 3
The Constitution of the United States was ratified September 17, 1787. Article 7, Section 1
A senator may be foreign-born but must be a citizen of the United States for nine years. Article 1, Section 3
The power of Congress to make all laws that are necessary and proper Elastic Clause
The clearly stated authority of Congress to tax, raise an army, regulate commerce, and so on Delegated Powers
The process of bringing formal charges of wrongdoing against a public official Impeachment
An agreement in which both sides are willing to settle for less than they originally wanted Compromise
The power of the Supreme Court to decide whether the laws of Congress are constitutional Judicial review
The principle that places the interest of the nation above those of any state or region National Supremacy
A form of government in which the people rule through their elected representatives Republic
An addition or a change to a bill or a constitution Amendment
The division of duties and responsibilities between the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches of government Separation of Powers
An introduction that states to the purpose of a constitution Preamble
The process of approving a constitution or an amendment Ratification
The principle that divides the authority or government between the national and state levels Federalism
Lowest number of House members any state can have 1
Lowest voting age in national elections 18
Youngest age for a House member 25
Total number of United States senators 100
Length of a President's term of office 4yrs
Number of senators from each state 2
Youngest age for a President 35
Lowest electoral vote any state can have 3
Number of states in 1787 13
Length of a senator's term of office 6yrs
Number of justices on the Supreme Court 9
Number of states needed to approve a constitutional amendment 38
Youngest age for senators 30
No solder during times of peace may be quartered in my house 3rd Amendment
I am entitled to a speedy and public trial 6th Amendment
United States Senators are elected by direct vote of the people 17th Amendment
States that the terms of Senators and Representatives end on January 3rd 20th Amendment, Section 1
A President may be elected to office for only two terms 22nd Amendment
You are entitled to a trial by jury if the money in question is $20 7th Amendment
The term of office of President and Vice-President ends ____________ January 20th; 20th Amendment, Section 1
Congress will assemble at least once each year, beginning ___________________ January 3rd, at noon; 20th Amendment, Section 2
Women are allowed to vote 19th Amendment, Section 1
No one can be forced to become a slave 13th Amendment
Amendment 21 repealed ____________ 18th Amendment
The ___ Amendment was added so that the federal government would not take away people's rights not named in the Constitution 9th Amendment
As a resident of the District of Columbia, I am entitled to vote during a Presidential election 23rd Amendment
The Vice-President shall become President in case of the removal of the President from office or in case of his death or resignation 25th Amendment
A citizen of the United States is entitled to vote who is 18 years of age or older 26th Amendment
Income tax is authorized 16th Amendment
States that race is barrier to voting rights 15th Amendment
Permits citizens of the United States to vote even if they failed to pay poll tax or other tax 24th Amendment
Right to a jury trial in a criminal case 6th Amendment
Right to not testify against yourself 5th Amendment
Freedom of the press 1st Amendment
Right to a jury trial in civil cases 7th Amendment
Rights reserved for the people 9th Amendment
Right to an attorney 6th Amendment
The right to question witnesses 6th Amendment
Powers reserved for the states 10th Amendment
The right to privacy 4th Amendment
The right to a grand jury 5th Amendment
Right to protection from unreasonable searches 4th Amendment
The right to own guns 2nd Amendment
The right to bail 8th Amendment
Protection from cruel punishments 8th Amendment
Freedom to assemble peacefully 1st Amendment
Freedom to express yourself in the arts 1st Amendment
The right to write letters to the newspaper or the governor 1st Amendment
Allowed for the income tax 16th Amendment
Blacks got the right to vote 15th Amendment
18 year olds could vote 26th Amendment
Citizens of D.C. could vote 23rd Amendment
Constitutional amendment was necessary to make legal what tax? Income tax
When a candidate gets a majority of a state's popular vote, that candidate gets how much of the state's electoral vote? All
What did the Thirteenth Amendment outlaw? Slavery
The Fifteenth Amendment gave the right to vote to whom? Black men
Today, senators are elected by whom? The people
What was the only amendment to be canceled by another amendment? Eighteenth
Under the rules established by the Twentieth Amendment, in what month does the President take office? January
If the office of the vice presidency becomes vacant, who shall nominate a Vice President to fill the vacancy? President
How many times can a President be elected to office? 2 terms
What is the only tax to be declared unconstitutional by amendment? Poll tax
Citizens of other states or foreign countries cannot sue which of the following in national courts? A state
The Fourteenth Amendment says that a state shall not take away from any citizen the right to what? Life, liberty, or property
To whom does the Nineteenth Amendment give the right to vote? All women
The Twenty-third Amendment grants citizens of what place the right to vote? Washington, D.C.
What group gained voting rights most recently? Eighteen-year-olds

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