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The organisms used to indicate the likelihood that pathogenic bacteria may be present? Coliform bacteria
Which adverse effects does the secondary contaminant manganese have (list two)? Discolored laundry and changed taste of water (including coffee, tea, and other beverages)
In general, what causes an increase in taste and odours when natural waters lack dissolved oxygen? Anaerobic decomposition
A physical property, as opposed to a chemical property, important to water treatment is? Turbidity
Which are the two principal chemicals that cause water hardness? Calcium and magnesium
Temporary hardness is caused by? Calcium bicarbonate
Which type of algae would most likely be found in nutrient rich waters? Blue-green algae
The quantity of dissolved oxygen in water is a function of (list three factors)? Temperature, pressure, and salinity
Most of the carbon dioxide in the groundwater originates from? Biological oxidation of organic matter
At which temperature does the maximum density of water occur? 4.0°C
When water freezes it expands by _____ of its original volume? 1/9th
Which type of polar bonds are between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom in water? Covalent
Which would be the most probable solution to control algae in the source water if the algae were clogging the filters at the water plant? Control nutrients
Total dissolved minerals in rainwater are typically close to? 10 mg/L
Because manganese is only slightly soluble, it is rarely found in surface waters above the concentration of? 1.0 mg/L
Where does the microbial growth occur that affects groundwater sources and thus the treatment for removing iron and manganese? Where aerobic and anaerobic conditions meet
Which conditions will +Eh values of water support? Aerobic activities
Radon is a radioactive decay daughter of? Radium 226
Which algal genera are most likely to cause taste and odour problems when abundant in water: Volvox, chlorella, oocystis, or spyrogyra? Volvox
Shellfish grown in polluted waters have been known to contain the organism that causes? Infectious hepatitis
Which adverse effects does the secondary contaminant iron have (list two)? Discolored laundry (brown) and changed taste of water (including coffee, tea, and other beverages)
Which gas occurs mainly in groundwater, is heavier than air, and is odiferous? Hydrogen sulfide
Which gas is radioactive, occurs in many groundwater supplies, and is colorless and odourless? Radon
Groundwater pH is generally? 6.0 – 8.5 pH units
A term used to describe cloud formation is? Condensation
A diatom is a type of: bacteria, algae, protozoa? Algae
Which radioactive nuclide is a gas: radium, uranium, radon, thorium? Radon
Which is the term applied to all suspended matter in water? Turbidity
Which is the safe dosage for most species of fish when using copper sulfate to control algae in a body of water? 0.5 mg/L
A Lake would be considered polluted if it had a preponderance (abundance) of which type of algae? Blue-green algae
Which of the following is easiest to control at the water treatment plant: Giardia, cryptosporidium, coliform bacteria, viruses? Coliform bacteria
Enteric protozoans are problematic because? They have cysts that can penetrate filters
Which type of adverse effects does the secondary contaminant colour have (list two)? Unappealing appearance and an indication that dissolved organics may be present
The most common forms of manganese found in nature are (list three)? Oxides, carbonates, and hydroxides
Precursors to the formation of trihalomethanes would most likely come from which source: domestic and commercial activities; wastewater treatment plants and industrial waters; humic materials? Humic materials
Immediately below the water table is the: piezometric surface, the capillary zone, saturated zone, recharge zone? Saturated zone
Which type of wells are commonly used near the shore of a lake or near a river? Radial wells
Many streams would dry up after a rain if it were not for? Groundwater flow
Which range represents the usual levels of carbon dioxide in surface waters? 0-5 mg/L
Microorganisms from the smallest to largest are as follows? Viruses, bacteria, and protozoans
Water channels will most likely occur in which type of rock? Limestone
Artesian aquifer could occur in: confined aquifer, unconfined aquifer, shale formation? Confined aquifer
Immediately above the water table is the: unsaturated zone or recharge zone? Unsaturated zone
Which would most likely be the source of contaminants that include pesticides, herbicides, and nitrates? Agricultural activities
The copper sulfate dose for controlling algae in lakes is predominantly based on a lake’s: temperature, pH, turbidity, alkalinity? Alkalinity
To obtain the best and most lasting control of algae, which is the optimum alkalinity range (in mg/L) of the water being treated when using copper sulfate for algae control? < 50 mg/L
For operational corrosion control, the total alkalinity concentration should be measured every (in hours)? Eight hours
The process whereby water moves with the air currents in the atmosphere is called? Advection
The polarity of water causes the hydrogen part of one water molecule to be weakly bonded to the oxygen of another water molecule. This bonding is called: ionic bonding, covalent bonding, hydrogen bonding? Hydrogen bonding
This term is defined as a low nutrient body of water with abundant oxygen? Oligotrophic
Where will lake water first become anaerobic? The hypolimnion
Which type of hardness is considered permanent hardness? Noncarbonate hardness
Streams that flow only occasionally are called? Ephemeral streams
Which is the main problem that Dinoflagellates cause in water supplies: oxygen depletion, clogging of filters, taste and odours, toxicity? Taste and odours
Which group of algae do Euglena belong to? Flagellates
Which organism is a prokaryotic and releases odorous compounds such as geosmin? Cyanobacteria
Which type of adverse effect does the secondary contaminant zinc have (list 2)? Undesirable taste and a milky appearance
Which is the most common radio nuclide in water: radium, uranium, thorium? Radium
How much water a material will hold depends on its: permeability, hydraulic conductivity, porosity? Porosity
Which would most likely be the source of contaminants that include nitrates, sulfates, organic compounds (solvents), sodium, and microbiological contaminants: septic tanks and leach fields; infiltration of urban runoff; municipal landfills? Septic tanks and leach fields
Bored wells, constructed with an auger driven into the earth, are limited in depth to approximately? 60 feet
During a pumping test for a public water supply well, which must be held constant: the pumping water level, the drawdown, the pumping rate? The pumping rate
Destratification of a lake will often reduce: turbidity, nutrients, fish, algae? Algae
Zebra mussels multiply and spread so fast because? They commonly adhere to boats so they moved around and disperse eggs
Which raw water characteristic may require the addition of a weighing agent? Low turbidity
Which genera of Cyanobacteria primarily release neurotoxins? Anabaena
Which one of the following would be best to use for controlling algae in large water bodies: hydrogen peroxide, granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon? Powdered activated carbon
Which method would be the most effective treatment for zebra mussels at the inlet (method/dosage/time)? Shock treatment using chlorine at a dosage of 10 mg/L for 30 minutes
The bulk of synthetic organic compounds (SOCs) are: solvents, PAH/PCB, pesticides, volatiles? Pesticides
Which naturally occurring radionuclide is the most prevalent in drinking water: Gamma, Alpha, Beta? Alpha
How much water an aquifer will yield depends upon: porosity and permeability, the type of rock formation, the pore spaces? Porosity and permeability
Which would most likely be the source of contaminants that include inorganic compounds, petroleum products, and heavy metals: infiltration of urban runoff, deicing activities to control snow and ice on roads, liquid waste storage ponds? Infiltration of urban runoff
Which is the general test period to confirm design capacity for a public water supply well that is in a confined aquifer? 24 hours
Zebra mussels will breed only when the water temperature is above? 12°C
A conventional water treatment plant situated in a rich farming area has to treat water high in nitrates. Which is the best course of action in the long term: change treatment to ion exchange, manage watershed to prevent nitrates from entering the water system, change treatment to reverse osmosis? Manage watershed to prevent nitrates from entering the water system
The outside boundary of a watershed would be defined by a? Ridge
Viruses are considered: dissolved solids, colloidal solids, flocculation solids, suspended solids? Colloidal solids
In general, higher removal is required as the total organic carbon _____and the alkalinity _____? increases/decreases
Algae can be very beneficial, but they cause a problem when they remove: phosphorus, iron, ammonia, nitrates? Iron
Which is the source of most radioactive contamination in water: naturally occurring, medical waste in landfills, improper mining operations, nuclear power plant waste? Naturally occurring

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