GHRP-6 hormone in Tamil || Side effects || Tamil fitness channel ||

Hi ,

I need to make clear a few points for all my subscribers and viewers.

1. Fup Lup(fight your pain and love your pain) is mainly a body building channel. Also i will provide videos about general fitness too, but most of my content will of body building.

2. I make videos about hormone mainly to create awareness among all the youngsters using it..

3. I don’t encourage using hormone and i don’advise my subscribers/viewers to take any of them..

4. The reason for me posting about hormone is to let all of them know the real side effects as well as dosage.. Many people use hormone without any proper knowledge and hence i want them to know the real facts

5. I don’t sell hormone nor advertise them in my channel

Fup Lup it’s Tamil fitness channel

in this video I talked about

GHRAP 6 hormone awareness

Tamil Bodybuilding and fitness channel

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