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You must have heard some guys whose voice sounds like a girl over the phone or a boy who has male boobs or have extra fat on the chest it looks like a breast. Yes, all this happens in the age of adolescence where the number of female hormones increases in some boys. These hormones disturb the hormonal balance and result in male boobs or Gynecomastia.

Today in this video, Dr. Rajat Gupta explains the basics of Gynecomastia and why does it happen. ( Gynecomastia kya hota hai or gynecomastia kese hota hai) Dr tells that during adolescence some boys may develop breast tissue on their chest which sometimes may be covered with extra fat on the body. This breast tissue doesn’t become like a full female breast as the hormonal imbalance that made the tissue, lasts only up to a certain age.

But how do you treat it? Can medicines, drugs, or exercise treat Gynecomastia?
NO. Dr. Rajat Gupta tells that as this breast tissue is a tissue any medicine, drugs, or exercise can not treat it. Surgery can only treat or correct it. Once the tissue is removed by surgery, it can never grow or come back again.

Later in this video, Dr explains how hormones work and how their imbalance can bring changes in everything. Dr also clears a big myth that is believed by many surgeons which are the hormonal test. Dr also tells about other causes of Gynecomastia that includes the consumption of steroids or any other organ diseases that may cause an imbalance of hormones.

Watch the entire video for a detailed video where Dr also tells you about how he treats Gynecomastia with no scar at the chest.

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