Q & A Legend:
Do you recommend the approach of micro-dosing hcg throughout a cycle of trt? Are there times to take a break from it, or is the desensitization no concern in these small doses?
I have done several cycles in past and I encountered lots of acne on my back and face when I’m on and when I come off the cycle, especially when I’m on PCT acne will be all over the place! I’m on 300mg of test that’s it! And my PCT is 5000IU HCG and clomid for a few weeks. How to get rid of acne and to have a clear skin?
Can you use Clomid on TRT to help LH receptors instead of HCG? If so what protocol?
Dr T, I have an important follow-up question about minoxidil (and azelaic acid) and blocking DHT. This could concern many bodybuilders who take minoxidil, which is very common in our community as you know. Does this only happen locally and topically on the scalp, or is some of the drug taken up systemically and then causes the whole body’s DHT to drop or become less effective? I love DHT and I also like minoxidil (which I’ve taken for 2 years already), but if there is any chance that minoxidil messes with my DHT systemically, I would immediately stop it and better go bald.
How important is it to come off TRT to boost fertility vs staying on TRT and using hcg, HMG, clomid, nolvadex, and Proviron? Also, how important is the HMG for fertility? HMG is very expensive. Also do you have recommendations on dosages?
Is clen the best cutting drug? What is the best dose for a beginner? And due to the half-life, should someone take it for 2 days, then stop for 2 and continue like this? What are the best doses to have the positive effects but minimize the sides, and how should someone spread the dose during the day? For example, morning, afternoon.
Common oral health-related complaints of patients using either an AI or Tamoxifen included increases in gingival inflammation, gingival bleeding, xerostomia, and burning sensations in oral tissues. Even top bodybuilders they lose their teeth during PCT and nobody is talking about it. Please Doc I want your opinion on how to avoid that side effect?
How do you control the DHT elevation occurring from DHT derivatives? I use finasteride 1mg every day to control my DHT elevation from test.
Doc, I want to know does zinc inhibit DHT?!
How do you reverse insulin resistance from obesity? Is it as simple as losing weight?
Do you think that topical (not systemic) corticosteroids applied on the Scrotum for a long period of time could suppress the HPTA axis? After the end of the corticosteroid cream treatment in the scrotal area, should the patient ask for a hormonal blood test (FSH, LH, Total T, Free T ) and think about PCT?
I’m 38 and ended my first 16-week cycle in mid- February (600mg Test-E and 500mg EQ-E) Stopped everything for 6 weeks (without pct) and then started a TRT protocol with 150mg Test-E for 10 weeks. Mid-June I will start my second cycle for 12-14 weeks. CYCLE: 750mg Test-E and 600mg EQ for the whole period. Additionally, I will add 400mg Masteron-E for the last 5 weeks and Anavar 30mg/day for 4 weeks. First question: Is this cycle legit? Or could there be a better way to proceed? (I don’t like DECA or D-Bol- prefer lean gains) Tren is out of the question for me. Second question: After that I want to start a PCT, which looks like this: 1500 iu HCG for 3 weeks (every 3 days) 50mg Clomid and 20mg Nolva/ day for 2 weeks, 25mg Clomid and 20mg Nolva/ day for another 2 weeks Since the Test-E is the only androgenic component, I wonder if this PCT protocol is not too harsh? I should add that my sperm production is still working, and my lab results are also good. In general, it also makes me wonder how much muscle mass I will lose afterwards if I continue to eat and train properly? Best regards from Switzerland.
I am 5ft 5 inches 205 lbs 12-13 % bodyfat decent 6-pack. Maybe 4-pack but in any case, it looks good and tight no blubber or wetness. I’m running maintenance calories and also running 1300mg of gear per week. I work out religiously 5 times a week. I take 2iu gh AM and 2iu gh pm. If I introduce 10 iu of Lantus insulin a day without changing anything of the above what affect would that have on my physique? I would like to stay at 13% body fat.
I purchased Test Enanthate 400mg/ml and it hurts for days after injecting. Can I add an oil to it to dilute it or mix with Test Cypionate 200 mg/ml?
If a guy has high normal sDHEA, but very low progesterone, would you have him supplement with progesterone in the form a cream or some other type of progesterone?