Stimulating Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis

Stimulating Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis: Is the Quality of Isolated Protein Important When It Is Ingested with Other Nutrients?

Organised by Francis Stephens, University of Exeter, UK and Kostas Tsintzas, University of Nottingham, UK

Dietary protein consumption stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and inhibits muscle protein breakdown. It is generally assumed that the anabolic potential of a dietary protein is dictated by its amino acid composition, particularly leucine, as well as digestion and amino acid absorption kinetics. However, an emerging concept in recent literature is that nutritional factors beyond amino acid bioavailability are important for stimulating MPS, particularly as plasma leucine concentrations are less predictive of subsequent MPS in studies where protein is coingested with other macro- and micro-nutrients. During this webinar, two speakers discussed the concept of the whole food matrix and the relative importance of various macro- and micro-nutrients for stimulating MPS.