8:29 – Dave with the recent events in the industry what would be your approach to transition from a muscle building bodybuilding diet to a health concentrated diet?
11:22 – Dave I am a 45-year-old bodybuilder that has been on test replacement therapy for the last five years. Do you think that there is any negative long-term effects to replacement therapy?
13:43 – During a 10 week ‘off’ period, is there anything that can promote more new receptor growth or do you just let the body do it thing?
15:56 – Correcting high creatinine levels.
20:15 – Apple Cider Vinegar for a mass gain diet…will it improve insulin senstivity?
21:21 – Strongest bodybuilder Dave has ever seen in person.
23:53 – Will you burn more calories if you train with a protective mask? What about altitude masks?
26:46 – Does posing help with muscle maturity and fat loss? Is it beneficial for mind muscle connection to put muscle on quicker?
28:07 – Arachadonic acid and its a’bolic properties.
32:11 – Only been training with bands and bodyweight at the moment due to quarantine in the UK, how long will it be possible to maintain size doing this in your opinion?
34:00 – In the interview with him, You mentioned the use of insulin while Dieting Kevin Levrone. Can you explain the point of this? Is it fullness, metabolic stimulation or something else?
35:55 – If doing a push pull legs split does working out past the pump mean I have done to much volume ? Should I stop at the first sign of it leaving?
37:41 – Is Dave going to the Olympia?

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