Supplement Regulation, Steroids, and Rick Collins, Esq. (Podcast Episode 4)

In Episode 4, Eric discusses the challenges of being an ultra-elite two-sport athlete with a bad hip, and Greg shares some crazy feats of strength. Greg and Eric are joined by Rick Collins, Esq., CSCS, one of the top legal experts in the world of dietary supplements, for an in-depth discussion about how supplements are regulated, notable instances in which supplement regulation has failed, and how consumers can make safe and informed decisions about their own supplement use. Specific topics include CBD oil, SARMs, designer stimulants, and more.

0:36 Eric is sick of being called “The Next Bo Jackson”
5:50 Greg shares some feats of strength
27:39 Eric defends himself against baseless accusations of methamphetamine use
30:08 How exactly are dietary supplements regulated by the government?
Note: For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the Stronger By Science article on dietary supplement regulation:
34:45 History of prohormones on the supplement market
36:20 Review of a paper showing that prohormones remained on the supplement market after they were recalled by the FDA (
38:16 What exactly counts as a “dietary supplement,” according to the law? How do new ingredients find their way onto the market?
42:23 What is “self-affirmed generally recognized as safe?”
45:52 Review of a paper showing that banned stimulants remained on the supplement market after they were recalled by the FDA (
51:05 Is CBD oil actually a supplement, legally speaking?
56:16 How can consumers make safe, informed decisions about which supplements to take?
1:02:51 To play us out: just because something is on PubMed, doesn’t mean it automatically counts as rigorous evidence. Greg and Eric share two examples that they recently found
1:13:45 Interview with Rick Collins, Esq, CSCS begins
1:16:36 How did Rick carve out a niche as the top lawyer in the world of steroids and dietary supplements?
1:21:33 Rick explains how the government regulates dietary supplements in detail
1:29:08 What are “current good manufacturing practices?”
1:34:39 Do new supplement ingredients require “approval” from the government?
1:39:36 Rick explains the “self-affirmed generally recognized as safe” exemption for new supplement ingredients
1:43:54 The history of non-supplement ingredients being sold as supplements (pro-hormones, stimulants, etc.)
1:49:10 Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)
1:54:34 Are “designer stimulants” still prevalent on the supplement market?
1:58:38 People often blame failed drug tests on tainted supplements. Are they being truthful, or is that just a convenient excuse?
2:09:10 Do we need more laws to help regulate the supplement industry?
2:11:00 Rick weighs in on the legal status of CBD oil supplement products
2:15:15 How to stay in touch with Rick Collins

To keep up with Rick Collins and all of his work in the realm of steroid and supplement law, check him out on Facebook ( Instagram ( his website ( or his regular column in Muscular Development magazine.