Detailed Breakdown & Criticism Of Bostin Loyd's New Cycle!

30 Lbs Of Meat For Those Who Said 30 Lbs Of Muscle Is Not A Lifetime Natty Goal! Detailed Discussion: Understanding What Bodybuilders Call Muscle Confusion & The Law of Adaption: ►Jason Blaha Fitness Facebook Page: ►Subscribe to Jason Blaha Read more

An Honest Conversation About Steroids (Ft. Mike Israetel)

[Subscribe To Our Podcast Channel] TIME STAMPS 13:32 Creatine Cyclng? 20:00 Introduction of guests (Mike Israetel) 25:16 Why did you begin taking steroids? 31:00 Reasons why someone starts using PEDs (athletes vs recreational lifters)? 37:40 What are the ACTUAL health Read more


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