The Anabolic Doc: How Long Does It Take To See Health Complications From Steroid Use?

The Anabolic Doc details when health complications usually arise due to regular steroid use.

When the conversation on steroids and bodybuilding is discussed, it usually takes the form of “Steroids Are Healthy” vs “Steroids Are Unhealthy.” But the reality of this answer lies somewhere in between depending on many factors. Certainly, long term effects due eventually arise. But how long exactly? And how long of usage does it take to really leave an impact on an individual’s health? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, the Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, details how long it takes for health complications to occur from regular steroid use.

When it comes to the dangers of drugs – it can become a difficult discussion when talking about the long term effects. Why? Because it’s hard for us as people to conceptualize the risk of long term health complications. This is actually true of anything involving health. We know that eating unhealthy food will make us have a variety of health complications down the line. Yet there are millions who ignore that and continue to eat junk. This is because we don’t feel the effects right away. It’s easy to put off what is maybe 20 years down the line. Then when the problems arise – it’s already too late.

This applies to so many things – cigarettes, exercise (or lack there of), and yes – steroids. The positives from steroids in bodybuilding are obvious. You can recover faster and build more muscle. But the negatives don’t start to appear until the “long term.” This can be easily ignored especially when “long term” sounds so vague. How long exactly? And what are the real conditions that start showing up?

The Anabolic Doc makes it his mission to provide these answers. Not only does he answer the question for us in our latest interview, but he also dedicates his website and his career on informing individuals of that real risks in as much detail as possible. You want to know what “long term” means? Dr. O’Connor will break it down for you.

Of course, this can also vary depending on the individual. Which is why the Anabolic Doc makes sure to work with clients to understand what their specific risks can be. But in general, the negative health dangers might not show up until 20 years from the start of regular steroid use. For many athletes, that’s okay. Without giving names, Dr. O’Connor mentions that there are many top name bodybuilders who are having complications now in their later life. They look back and they have no regrets. It was worth it – even with the damage that came at the end of the road.

And that’s ultimate what The Anabolic Doc wants to help promote. He’s not a doctor trying to tell you that steroids are evil. He understand that the standard each individual has for their life might be different. Athletes that want to become the best are willing to take certain risks. That’s fine. That’s the beauty of life and freedom. But Dr. O’Connor wants to ensure that the individual knows all the facts so they make an informed decision. That way whatever they choose to do – hopefully they don’t have regrets.

You can check out The Anabolic Doc’s full response in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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